Slow Progress is Still Progress

Getting started with minimalism can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s hard to know how, when, or where to start. There are many articles about the subject, but probably the most common suggestion from the minimalist community is to set a small goal, such as cleaning out a drawer or a cupboard, so that there is immediate visual progress and a sense of accomplishment to keep you motivated.

There are several things colliding in my world right now that demand an exorbitant amount of time. First, I am a parent.

Enough said.

I am also in my final semester before I earn my bachelor’s degree (WOOHOO!!!), and we’re remodeling our home. There is always something to feed or write or wash or CLEAN UP at my house, so our journey has definitely had a slow start.

If you are struggling to get started on your journey, there is a lot of great info out there to help. One helpful guide can be found on Two Less Things. The list covers everything from aforementioned “start small” to cleaning out your email inbox.

Once you get started, it is easy to become overwhelmed because you just want to get it done and there’s just so much to do! A recent post  on Nourishing Minimalism provides a helpful list of five things that you can do RIGHT NOW to help combat feeling overwhelmed. Also, as I discussed in this post, minimalism is a lifestyle change and takes time, so patience is the key.

When we started remodeling our home, we started in the laundry room. There were several reasons:

  1. The laundry room is my room. No one else uses it (though I wish they would sometimes!).
  2. We have popcorn ceilings that we loathe, so we wanted to test removing them in the least conspicuous place, and again, since everyone avoids the laundry room like my four-year-old avoids naps, it seemed like the most logical place.
  3. I wanted to start there, and Mama gets what Mama wants (except help with the laundry!).

Just like any change we make in our lives, we must recognize and reward our progress. When I am feeling overwhelmed with the speed of progress of simplifying or remodeling, I can walk into our now-finished laundry room and find my calm.

It may not make anything get done any quicker, but the results are certainly a reward for hard work.

I’d love to hear what has helped you get started on your minimalist journey. What helps you from becoming overwhelmed along the way? Leave me a comment or find me on Twitter.


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