The Clutter of Photos

My grandmother was our family’s photographer and photo keeper. She enjoyed photographing her family and friends, as well as flowers and wildlife. I always remember looking through her albums as a kid, fascinated by the pictures of my mom and grandparents when they were much younger.

Grandma always had at least one album on her coffee table with her most recent or favorite photos. Even as an adult, I would look at the current album she had out and we would talk about the pictures in it. She enjoyed sharing the latest news about weddings, births, and graduations that were happening within in our family.

When she passed in May, she left her collection of photo albums to me. Today, as I tackled the shelves in our den, I came across some of the albums, and became distracted in the photos. I realized not only was there art in her photography, but also in the way she organized and displayed it. She took great care to group families together, and organize photos by dates, locations, and events.

Without knowing it, Grandma applied minimalist principles to her photo collections, and in turn, left a rich history for her family, without enormous amounts of clutter. In a guest post on Times Union, Laura Love suggests removing (or deleting) any photo that met any of the following criteria:

  • Blurry
  • Red eye
  • Cut-off heads
  • Duplicates
  • Pictures taken from moving vehicle
  • Incriminating pictures
  • Photos of exes

As I was cleaning, I also had to face my own collection of photos. I wish I could say mine are as organized as Grandma’s, but reality is…
…and yes, that’s a picture CD, which shows exactly how long overdue I am for this process.

I have great intentions to get all my photos organized, similar to my intentions to scrapbook like Poppy from the new Trolls movie. For now, I’ll be happy that they are all in one place, and of course after yesterday, we all know I have a cube for that!

How do you manage your photos or are they out-of-control? Leave me a comment or find me on Twitter.

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