Cube Shelving: Organization Tool or Clutter Catcher?


That is the number of cubes of storage in our home. Cubes of storage? You know cubes! The wood-like shelving that come in a variety of colors and sizes to organize items in your home ranging from decorative to baby items.

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We use these shelves to make up for storage room and wall-space lost in our open-floor plan home. We use them for toy storage in our kids’ bedrooms and playroom. They are used as dressers for all the bedrooms in our home, and I also use them in my office space as book shelves and storage.

For the most part they have been great in helping us find a home for all our possessions, but as I examine them a little closer we have actually 173 stash places for items that don’t have a home of their own. There are things out of place on many of the shelves in my room, and I can’t even begin to describe the creative way my children like to rearrange them constantly.

A couple of days ago, Sarah Anne Hayes wrote this great post about the difference between decluttering and minimalism. She states:

“It’s pretty simple: decluttering is an action, while minimalism is a lifestyle.”

Hayes also makes the point that decluttering can happen without minimalism, but minimalism cannot happen without decluttering.

We have definitely started on decluttering, but we are far from minimal. Perhaps as we continue on this journey, we can lose a few of the shelves altogether!
Are you a fan of cube storage or do they drive you crazy? Leave me a comment or find me on Twitter.

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