Laundry Snob

Laundry is one of those inevitable, never-ending tasks. Unless it becomes acceptable to walk around naked, I’m pretty sure it’s here to stay. Even if something changes, I’d still rather do laundry than to participate in, or see others, living nude daily.

I have managed to get laundry down to two days per week for our family of four. On Monday, I do four loads: whites, colors, darks, and towels. I repeat this again on Thursday. So far, I have been very proud of creating and maintaining this schedule, and my three-basket sorting system, because it keeps the laundry at bay, plus it keeps my weekends laundry-free. laundry

Well, at least I felt proud until I found this post on Simple not Plain about a family of five only having two loads of laundry per week.

Two!? I have at least eight loads per week, and that doesn’t include bedding. What am I doing wrong? How does she only have two loads? Well, for starters, she has already minimized the wardrobe of her family down to about 50 items per person. The theory being there is less to have to wash. I haven’t taken this step in my journey to minimalism yet, and I’m not sure that I will ever be that minimal, so for now I’ll put a pin in that one and come back to it.

Secondly, the author suggests wearing things more than once. She does a visual and smell test, and upon passing both, the said item goes back into the closet. Hmmm…This one is hard for me. I do not use towels twice, and the only thing I will usually wear again are my favorite sweatpants, and only around the house.

Wow. I sound like such a snob and I’m pretty sure I’m turning my kids into little laundry snobs too.

Another suggestion by the author is actually minimizing the chemicals we put into our laundry, such as detergent and fabric softener. She only uses soap nuts, which are completely natural and act as a detergent and a fabric softener, and wool dryer balls, which she claims decreases drying time by 40-50%.

While it may take me awhile to pare down my wardrobe or to work up to wearing things more than once, I think I can get on board with a more natural solution to laundry, especially since half of my family has sensitive skin. The price of the soap nuts are about the same as the detergent and fabric softener that I currently use, so there will be no additional costs.

This may be a small step, but it’s still a step. Perhaps it will lead to others.

How is your laundry life? Leave me a comment or find me on Twitter to let me know how you keep up or how you’ve pared down the process.

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