Margarita Time!

Today is National Margarita Day! This sounds like tons more fun than the sale at the mall for President’s day earlier this week, which I couldn’t participate in anyway since I’m on this stupid awesome shopping diet. This is one holiday I can really get behind celebrating, and I’m pretty sure since I can drink the supplies, they don’t count as clutter!

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I’m not the only one excited to get the festivities started.
This guy obviously prefers his margaritas frozen!

Some even want bigger and better things for the day.

Some may be taking it a little too far. Every day can’t be margarita day.

Plenty of restaurants and bars are getting in the spirit by advertising drink specials for the day.

If going out isn’t your thing, check out these recipes to make your own at home:

You can even submit your margarita story to Jose Cuervo and they may share it on Twitter.

Tomorrow I may be talking about how to have a minimal hangover, but today we celebrate!

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